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Love Actually [Apr. 25th, 2004|09:53 am]
Yesterday morning I watched a cute movie called, Love Actually. I really wasn't expecting too much of the movie, but I heard from a friend that it was good and that I should see it. Seeing as I get to rent movies for free from working at Blockbuster I took advantage of the opportunity of renting it before the public could rent it.

It was a bit ago that my friend told me about the movie and how cute it was. It was just recently that the movie was received into my store. I was totally bummed when all I saw were DVD's of the movie. I don't have a DVD player. I considered renting it and bringing it to James's house and watching it with Jessie and James. But I didn't. I just sulked.

Then on Wednesday I realized that 8 VHS copies came in and that I could rent one! I did the dance of joy. Really I did! I scared people and was asked what I was on!

I ran to the back room to get the movie and came back pissy and told Derek that I couldn't find the VHS tapes and that there was no way in hell I am going through all of the boxes, and that the person who put them out back needs to organize better, like I do!

So after TRIED to bicker with me (which NEVER works)he went out back and with time he came back with my tape for Love Actually. Happy dance all over again!

I have been dying to watch it since Wednesday, but I have been so busy, which is good! So I watched it yesterday morning.

What a cute and funny movie! I loved the prime minister. I felt bad for the heavier girl, though I thought she was BEAUTIFUL. Then again I don't mind heavy set girls. But it made me sad, because I am not the most fit person either! Oh well, guess I am not suited for an Englishman!

The part where Colin comes to the States for affection was hilarious! OMG is it true. When a girl here meets a guy with an accent, the game is on!

I felt bad for the guy who came home to his wife calling his friend or brother to bed with her. That was awful. Though it was awful cute watching him try to communicate with the Portaguese girl, and how they fell for eachother regardless of the difficulties communicating. I thought she was funny by herself!

My heart broke and cried when the wife found out her husband was cheating on her, and yet she had to continue to play the role of the happy wife. How sad.

The little kid who had found love at such a young and delicate age warmed my heart. We all know that love. That is the purest of loves. Before we become tainted by our experiences, and transfer them to our future relationships. That was the beauty of the movie. I loved it when him and his father were watching the Titanic! The father and son working together was touching. I enjoyed watching the two work together.

Well today I need to bring the movie back, and I want to get "Love Don't cost a thing". Both movies are open to rent by hte public on the 27th, so I have to watch them now or I have to wait 21 days after, or pay for it.

I can't wait to see "Somethings Gotta Give as well"