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Chantry meeting [Apr. 25th, 2004|10:09 am]
I had the chantry meeting this past Thursday. We all had a ton of fun. Chris, Jessie, James, and I met at the Salem Beer Works. Poor Mark was very sick and could not make it.

We are currently discussing the Book of the Law. I have many concerns regarding the BoL. So we decided that we will contact the local OTO lodge and try to make it to a public meeting. So I need to do that.

Chris feels that there is a GD chapter around the area and that we may want to look into that as well, just to get another perspective on things. So I will look into that.

In regards to the membership and the BoL, Stephen has been kind enough to take that on. He will be going through the BoL a couple of statements at a time with them. It is a tough assignment and he is the best person to take this on right now.

Jessie and I were bummed that the Salem Beer Works didn't have the kind of drinks we were looking for. The Beer Works only has a license for Beet and Wine. So we decided that we would go to a bar after we ate!

Chris was drooling over our waitress, and Jessie took the perfect opportunity of writing Chris's number on the receipt and handed it directly to the waitress. Oh boy did Chris turn all kinds of RED! I thought he was going to have an asthma attack!

We all giggled as Jessie waited in line to get to the waitress and as Chris kept trying to call Jessie back to the table. I bowed my head as I felt bad for Chris. Once Jessie makes up her mind, there is no going back!

The waitress sweetly smiled and said thank you as Jessie handed her the number. Jessie went outside to smoke, and James followed her to keep her company. Chris and I stayed at the table so he could calm down. As James walked out the door, the waitress asked if he was "Chris" (from on the note). James replied no, that's Chris at the table. The waitress sweetly smiled and came to the table. Poor Chris! He instantly started blabbering about how he had no control over Jessie. The waitress just smiled. She said that she would never think of me and Chris as a couple. Chris and I both replied that we weren't. She said oh ok. She said she thought that the note was very sweet and that she always appreciates getting slipped "the digits" However she was engaged. She was so tremendously sweet about the whole thing. She didn't have to come over and say thank you, and say how falttering it was. She was so sweet, calm, and collected.

I think Chris calmed down a bit, though not much! I think he was about ready to shake Jessie!

So Chris and I get up from the table and leave the restaurant. We all hung out outside as Jessie smoked. It was an incredibly beautiful night. I didn't want to go inside for the world. It was perfect out!

James and I had plans to spend time together to talk alone. However, Jessie and I wanted to go out for drinks first. There are plently of bars around the Pickering wharf area. We had to park the cars somewhere else and met up at the East India Mall. From there we began to just walk around Salem. We enjoyed eachothers compnay as well as the beautiful weather!

We came across and Irish pub and decided to go inside. Jessie and I got our drinks, while James warned Chris of what happens when Jessie and I drink together. *smiles*

After having a drink James and I went to my house to hang out and Jessie and Chris went their own way to hang out. We decided we would meet up later.

We all met up later at Jessie and James's house. Chris and I were going to hang out, but he had to go home. So Chris just dropped me off. We had a heart to heart after he dropped me off at my house. My day ended with that.

It was a great day, great energy, great weather, great friends. I am a blessed person.

We also decided over drinks that I will make arrangements for us to celebrate Beltane with the Temple of Nine Wells. I wanted someone to go with me, and they all agreed. I will see if Mark is up for it as well.