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Chantry meeting [Apr. 25th, 2004|10:09 am]
I had the chantry meeting this past Thursday. We all had a ton of fun. Chris, Jessie, James, and I met at the Salem Beer Works. Poor Mark was very sick and could not make it.

We are currently discussing the Book of the Law. I have many concerns regarding the BoL. So we decided that we will contact the local OTO lodge and try to make it to a public meeting. So I need to do that.

Chris feels that there is a GD chapter around the area and that we may want to look into that as well, just to get another perspective on things. So I will look into that.

In regards to the membership and the BoL, Stephen has been kind enough to take that on. He will be going through the BoL a couple of statements at a time with them. It is a tough assignment and he is the best person to take this on right now.

Jessie and I were bummed that the Salem Beer Works didn't have the kind of drinks we were looking for. The Beer Works only has a license for Beet and Wine. So we decided that we would go to a bar after we ate!

Chris was drooling over our waitress, and Jessie took the perfect opportunity of writing Chris's number on the receipt and handed it directly to the waitress. Oh boy did Chris turn all kinds of RED! I thought he was going to have an asthma attack!

We all giggled as Jessie waited in line to get to the waitress and as Chris kept trying to call Jessie back to the table. I bowed my head as I felt bad for Chris. Once Jessie makes up her mind, there is no going back!

The waitress sweetly smiled and said thank you as Jessie handed her the number. Jessie went outside to smoke, and James followed her to keep her company. Chris and I stayed at the table so he could calm down. As James walked out the door, the waitress asked if he was "Chris" (from on the note). James replied no, that's Chris at the table. The waitress sweetly smiled and came to the table. Poor Chris! He instantly started blabbering about how he had no control over Jessie. The waitress just smiled. She said that she would never think of me and Chris as a couple. Chris and I both replied that we weren't. She said oh ok. She said she thought that the note was very sweet and that she always appreciates getting slipped "the digits" However she was engaged. She was so tremendously sweet about the whole thing. She didn't have to come over and say thank you, and say how falttering it was. She was so sweet, calm, and collected.

I think Chris calmed down a bit, though not much! I think he was about ready to shake Jessie!

So Chris and I get up from the table and leave the restaurant. We all hung out outside as Jessie smoked. It was an incredibly beautiful night. I didn't want to go inside for the world. It was perfect out!

James and I had plans to spend time together to talk alone. However, Jessie and I wanted to go out for drinks first. There are plently of bars around the Pickering wharf area. We had to park the cars somewhere else and met up at the East India Mall. From there we began to just walk around Salem. We enjoyed eachothers compnay as well as the beautiful weather!

We came across and Irish pub and decided to go inside. Jessie and I got our drinks, while James warned Chris of what happens when Jessie and I drink together. *smiles*

After having a drink James and I went to my house to hang out and Jessie and Chris went their own way to hang out. We decided we would meet up later.

We all met up later at Jessie and James's house. Chris and I were going to hang out, but he had to go home. So Chris just dropped me off. We had a heart to heart after he dropped me off at my house. My day ended with that.

It was a great day, great energy, great weather, great friends. I am a blessed person.

We also decided over drinks that I will make arrangements for us to celebrate Beltane with the Temple of Nine Wells. I wanted someone to go with me, and they all agreed. I will see if Mark is up for it as well.
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Love Actually [Apr. 25th, 2004|09:53 am]
Yesterday morning I watched a cute movie called, Love Actually. I really wasn't expecting too much of the movie, but I heard from a friend that it was good and that I should see it. Seeing as I get to rent movies for free from working at Blockbuster I took advantage of the opportunity of renting it before the public could rent it.

It was a bit ago that my friend told me about the movie and how cute it was. It was just recently that the movie was received into my store. I was totally bummed when all I saw were DVD's of the movie. I don't have a DVD player. I considered renting it and bringing it to James's house and watching it with Jessie and James. But I didn't. I just sulked.

Then on Wednesday I realized that 8 VHS copies came in and that I could rent one! I did the dance of joy. Really I did! I scared people and was asked what I was on!

I ran to the back room to get the movie and came back pissy and told Derek that I couldn't find the VHS tapes and that there was no way in hell I am going through all of the boxes, and that the person who put them out back needs to organize better, like I do!

So after TRIED to bicker with me (which NEVER works)he went out back and with time he came back with my tape for Love Actually. Happy dance all over again!

I have been dying to watch it since Wednesday, but I have been so busy, which is good! So I watched it yesterday morning.

What a cute and funny movie! I loved the prime minister. I felt bad for the heavier girl, though I thought she was BEAUTIFUL. Then again I don't mind heavy set girls. But it made me sad, because I am not the most fit person either! Oh well, guess I am not suited for an Englishman!

The part where Colin comes to the States for affection was hilarious! OMG is it true. When a girl here meets a guy with an accent, the game is on!

I felt bad for the guy who came home to his wife calling his friend or brother to bed with her. That was awful. Though it was awful cute watching him try to communicate with the Portaguese girl, and how they fell for eachother regardless of the difficulties communicating. I thought she was funny by herself!

My heart broke and cried when the wife found out her husband was cheating on her, and yet she had to continue to play the role of the happy wife. How sad.

The little kid who had found love at such a young and delicate age warmed my heart. We all know that love. That is the purest of loves. Before we become tainted by our experiences, and transfer them to our future relationships. That was the beauty of the movie. I loved it when him and his father were watching the Titanic! The father and son working together was touching. I enjoyed watching the two work together.

Well today I need to bring the movie back, and I want to get "Love Don't cost a thing". Both movies are open to rent by hte public on the 27th, so I have to watch them now or I have to wait 21 days after, or pay for it.

I can't wait to see "Somethings Gotta Give as well"
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US Navy attacked [Apr. 25th, 2004|09:44 am]
Suicide Boat Attacks Kill U.S. Sailors in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq (April 25) - Suicide attackers detonated explosive-laden boats near oil facilities in the Persian Gulf on Saturday, killing two U.S. Navy sailors in a new tactic against Iraq's vital oil industry. Elsewhere, violence across Iraq killed at least 33 Iraqis and four American soldiers.

File photograph shows the al-Bakra oil terminal offshore in the gulf near the Iraqi city of Basra.

It was the first such maritime attack against oil facilities since U.S. troops invaded Iraqi more than a year ago. The blasts resembled attacks in 2000 and 2002 - blamed on al-Qaida - against the USS Cole and a French oil tanker off the coast of Yemen that killed 17 American sailors and a tanker crewman.

Meanwhile, President Bush held a conference call Saturday with his senior national security and military advisers to discuss the situation in Iraq - particularly restive Fallujah, a senior defense official said.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the purpose of the teleconference was mainly for Gen. John Abizaid, the top U.S. commander for the Middle East, to give Bush and others an update on the situation inside the city and the U.S. Marines' readiness to resume offensive operations against thousands of insurgents holed up there.

In the Gulf attack, three dhows, or small boats, drew close to two major oil terminals in Gulf waters about 100 miles from Iraq's main port, Umm Qasr, and exploded when coalition craft tried to intercept them. A U.S. Navy craft was flipped by the blast, killing the American sailors and injuring five others, the U.S. military said.

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Initial reports said there was no damage to the terminals, the military said, and Iraq's main southern oil outlet, Umm Qasr, remained open, a British spokesman said.

The Gulf bombings came on a day of multiple attacks in Iraq: The deadliest was a roadside bomb that hit a bus south of Baghdad, killing at least 13 Iraqis. A mortar barrage struck a crowded market in the capital's biggest Shiite neighborhood, Sadr City, killing at least seven.

The U.S. soldiers were killed around dawn, when two rockets were fired from a truck and slammed into the base in Taji, 12 miles north of Baghdad, the military said. U.S. helicopter gunships then destroyed the truck. Seven soldiers were wounded, three of them critically, the military said.

Also, an Army reservist missing in Iraq since a convoy attack April 9 was confirmed dead. The remains of Sgt. Elmer Krause, 40, were found Friday, according to a statement Saturday from the Department of Defense. It gave no other details. Another soldier and a U.S. contract worker abducted in the same attack remain unaccounted for.

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· Grim War Decision Near on Fallujah

The latest deaths, along with the combat death of a Marine announced Saturday, brought to 109 the number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq since the beginning of April. The military also announced the death of a soldier in a non-combat incident, bringing to 718 the number servicemembers who have died in the country.

Anywhere from 900 to 1,200 Iraqis have been killed in April - depending on various reports of the death toll from Fallujah.

British military spokesman Hisham H. Halawi said the port at Umm Qasr, the chief southern outlet for Iraqi oil, remained open after the boat attacks.

The first blast came when a dhow was sighted near the Khawr al-Amaya oil terminal, the Bahrain-based U.S. 5th Fleet said. When an interception team tried to board, the dhow exploded, flipping the U.S. Navy craft.

About 20 minutes later, two more dhows were spotted near the al-Basra oil terminal. They, too, exploded when security teams approached, but there were no casualties among the security teams, the 5th Fleet said.

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· Iraq Insurgents

Halawi said the second dhows were trying to pull close to two tankers at the al-Basra terminal, also known as ABOT.

Insurgents in Iraq have frequently attacked oil pipelines, repeatedly shutting down exports from northern oil fields through Turkey. Southern pipelines, running through relatively more peaceable Shiite regions, have seen fewer attacks.

Iraq is currently producing about 2 million barrels of oil a day, according to the Middle East Economic Survey.

The oil attacks came three days after near simultaneous suicide car bombings in the southern Iraqi city of Basra - 30 miles north of Umm Qasr - that killed 74 people.

The violence came as U.S. commanders repeated warnings that they may soon launch a new assault on the besieged city of Fallujah, saying guerrillas had not abided by a call to surrender heavy weapons.

L. Paul Bremer, the top U.S. administrator in Iraq, traveled to the Marine base outside Fallujah for consultations Saturday, while Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt told reporters: ``Should there not be a good faith effort demonstrated by the belligerents inside Fallujah, the coalition is prepared to act.''

In Saturday's bloodiest incident, a bomb exploded on a main road as a bus passed near Haswa, 30 miles south of Baghdad. The back of the bus was shredded and seats crumpled. At least 13 people - including a four-year-old boy - were killed and 17 wounded, said Wasan Nasser, a doctor at Iskan Hospital in neighboring Iskandariyah.

In Sadr City, the capital's sprawling Shiite slum, angry residents vented anger at Iraq's U.S. occupiers after the mortar attacks, which followed an early morning clash in the neighborhood between U.S. troops and militiamen loyal to a radical Shiite cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr.

Some of the mortar shells in Saturday's barrage against Sadr City, which killed at least seven people, hit two miles from any U.S. position - suggesting they may have deliberately targeted civilians in the Shiite neighborhood.

Three shells pounded into the neighborhood's main souk, known as the Chicken Market, just as morning crowds were gathering to shop. Human flesh could be seen among scattered market stalls and burned-out cars. Craters were blasted out of the asphalt.

At least six Iraqis were killed and 38 wounded, said Yassin Abdel-Qader, a doctor in the area's Health Directorate. The Baghdad slum is home to more than 1 million people.

Hours later, a projectile struck a two-story house, smashing through its roof and down into the ground floor, tearing a woman to pieces as she took an afternoon nap and wounding her daughter. At least two more landed later in the afternoon, hitting a main street on the edge of Sadr City, breaking windows but causing no casualties.

Before the mortar fire, U.S. troops launched a pre-dawn raid into Sadr City, pursuing al-Sadr militiamen. They caught in a gunbattle in which two Iraqis were killed, according to U.S. Maj. Phil Smith.

During the fighting, a shell pierced the wall of a house, exploding in a bedroom and severely burning a 9-year-old girl and two teenage girls as they slept.

U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt suggested former members of Saddam Hussein's security services were to blame.

"It was clearly an attack on civilians. There was no U.S. military at that spot,'' said Lt. Col. James Hutton of the Army's 1st Cavalry Division, which responded to the attack and helped treat the wounded.

Still, angry Shiites blamed the Americans for the assault. After one of the afternoon strikes, residents chanted, "Long live al-Sadr. America and the Governing Council are infidels.''

In other violence Saturday:

An Iraqi woman working as a U.S. military translator was shot and killed with her husband as they drove to a U.S. base, a hospital official said.

A roadside bomb destroyed a car carrying Iraqis near a U.S. base in the northern city of Tikrit, hometown of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and a center for anti-U.S. resistance. Four Iraqis - two police and two civilians - were killed and 16 wounded, the U.S. military said.

Polish troops clashed overnight with Shiite militiamen in the city of Karbala, killing five, a spokesman for the multinational peacekeeping force in south-central Iraq said Saturday.

04/25/04 05:17 EDT

Copyright 2004 The Associated
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snow storm [Dec. 8th, 2003|12:47 pm]
Well We have just had a snow storm that lasted 2 full days. TOoday is the first day of no snow, which makes it the day to clean up the mess.

Today Dicky, dad, and I dug out the cars in the driveway. I got mad at my dad and told Dicky how stupid he was. Dad had to get into one side of the car and slide over into the drivers seat in order to get hte car out of the driveway. The reason being is because the snow was so heavy and so deep that the bushes on the side of the house fell on the cars. So the bushes were on the drivers side of the ar, not allowing anyone to enter. My father just had surgery for hernia, and has steri strips on his incision, though he would like to tell me that he has his stitches out. Please! Let's not insult my intelligence. He got the clamps out and had steri strips put on this incision. Hello! I just had surgery in August (27th) and had steri strips on my incision. This means that you still have to be careful of not tearing!

Ok, anyways...

I had to talk to both James and Azag to calm down. My father this morning is insistent on going to the boat docks to see the boat. Now I understand that the boat may have drown and we need to save it, but the roads are horrendous! Can he really afford a car accident after his surgery?! I think not. But that is really the harmless part of the story.

The potentially dangerous part is the possibility of having to go down a steep (!) plank that is icy and snowy, to get to the docks (which are wooden small squares are afloat in the water) which will be snowy and icy, to get to a boat that we may not be able to save! Boy can we say stupid!

Both James and Azag tell me not to do it, because of the danger, but I have made up my mind that I will have to go with my dad, because if anything happens to him I will have a cell phone to call for help. Though I don't know how much help they can be, because of the driving conditions.

Dicky told me how a man told him that it took the man 2 1/2 hours to get from Revere to Eastern Ave (Lynn).

Now we have a tractor trailer truck wiped out by my house and the cops have blocked off the road. Does this say anything about the road conditions????

Then we have mister rambo, who left his drive way FOUR times and banged Uies for the fun of it, losing control of his minivan (dark, but not sure of the color, possibly black) each time. The last time he gunned out of his driveway slightly losing control of the minivan, gaining control while on Eastern Ave going towards Monte's with his wife in the car. The guy waved to Dicky and I as we watched, the man knowing he was acting like a jerk, and his wife stoically looking foward embarraseed by her husbands behavior.

So we will see if my dad is going to Winthrop.
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